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Since it became popular in the construction world back in the 1970s, stucco has become synonymous with homes in the Southwestern United States. Its light, often-textured appearance blends in perfectly against the backdrop of the arid desert terrain that makes up much of states like Nevada and New Mexico. Due to stucco’s high popularity, our most highly requested services are our residential stucco services, be that repair, restoration, or installation.

Besides its stylish yet understated matt finish, stucco is also a cost-effective and durable choice for the exterior walls of residential buildings. If cared for correctly, stucco will prove a low-maintenance, energy-efficient option whose attractive Mediterranean looks will stay looking great for many years.

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Stucco Installation Process

The most common type of stucco used in modern residential properties is applied using the three-coat stucco process. Three-coat stucco systems are a massively popular choice for homeowners because they are highly water-resistant and offer excellent structural integrity.

Three-coat stucco systems basically consist of three layers: a scratch coat, a brown coat, and a topcoat. Before any of them are applied, however, a lathe is fixed to the exterior wall to protect it and achieve a watertight seal between the stucco and the building.

When the lathe is in place, the first layer that is applied is the scratch coat which serves as a base. Following this, a smoother brown coat is applied. To finish the job, a fully-customizable top coat is laid over the brown coat and texturized to specification.

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Our Residential Stucco Service

Stucco plastering can be used as a decorative coating for the exterior and interior of residential buildings. As well as offering an attractive and durable finish that effectively protects against the elements, stucco is commonly applied as an alternative to smooth plaster for interior walls and ceilings.


Stucco plastering requires a high level of skill and a significant amount of experience. Mixing stucco cement to achieve different colors and textural effects involves specialist knowledge. For more info on our residential interior plaster repairs, patching, and ceiling and wall stucco applications, feel free to peruse our website.

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Why Homeowners Choose Stucco

There are few finishes to the exterior of a residential building that offer a better balance between style and practicality than stucco. Inspired by age-old building techniques used by tradesmen across the Mediterranean region, stucco provides an elegant look that is perfectly suited to the arid climate of the American Southwest.

Stucco paneling provides a layer of insulation that is equally adept at trapping warmth in the winter months as it is at keeping the indoor environment cool in summer. As well as significantly increasing the energy efficiency of a home, stucco is also a remarkably durable building material. If installed correctly and to a high standard, it is not uncommon for stucco siding to last for many decades without much maintenance.

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“We got our home’s exterior completely redone by Las Vegas Stucco Solutions in 2015 and are still extremely pleased with how the work turned out. We wanted a modern look with a sleek finish. We simply showed the owner some photos of our dream home and he was able to direct us to the appropriate product and texture. We were impressed by the team that came out and carried out the work professionally and on-time. Overall, the whole experience was pain-free and we would recommend this stucco company to anyone in the area!”

Sarah Nandeen

Las Vegas, Nevada

Why work with Las Vegas Stucco Solutions?

At Las Vegas Stucco Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering the best residential stucco services in the Las Vegas Valley metropolitan area. We have an unrivaled record for customer satisfaction and a reputation for going above and beyond to ensure that our results are the very best that can be achieved.

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Expert Stucco Contractors

Our expert tradesmen and women have many years of experience of installing high-quality stucco finishes in residential projects both great and small across Nevada and the Southwestern United States. We hire the highest qualified contractors period!

Affordable & Durable

Our high-quality stucco services are all available with a flexible, affordable pricing plan which offers some of the most competitive rates around. We understand the investment in your home or business is of utmost importance which is why we guarantee all our work.

Wide Range of Stucco & Plastering Services

We offer a vast range of stucco, EIF, and plastering services whose diversity cannot be beaten by any of our competitors. With over 15 years of experience remodeling exteriors, we have worked with every material and finish.


Fast Turnaround

We understand that time is money, which is why our professional tradesmen and women pride themselves on getting projects done with some of the fastest turnaround times in the business. Not only do we pride ourselves on getting the job on schedule, but also on-budget.

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