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Simply put, our commercial stucco services are second to none. Stucco is a durable lime or cement-based plaster finish which is widely used as an attractive exterior finish for commercial buildings. Inspired by techniques used in Mediterranean architecture, stucco has today become one of the preferred choices for commercial buildings across a range of industries for its stylish yet subtle appearance that blends in perfectly with the arid Southwestern terrain.

Whether the commercial building hosts cinemas, restaurants, office blocks, or stores, stucco makes for a versatile and professional-looking option for exterior siding. When you consider the endless different textures and colors to choose from and the excellent insulation provided by stucco siding, it is no surprise that the finish has become such a fixture in the commercial architecture of states like Nevada and New Mexico.

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Synthetic Stucco (EIFS) for Commercial Properties

Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems (EIFS) are a type of synthetic stucco cladding for exterior walls. Whereas traditional three-coat stucco systems use wire mesh and all-natural materials, EIFS integrate a number of extra synthetic materials like polystyrene, fiberglass, and other weather-resistant layers.

A wide range of businesses today are choosing EIFS over traditional stucco. Although it is generally more expensive and complicated to install, EIFS has some significant benefits that make it perfect for commercial buildings. First of all, the insulation it provides is a great way of instantly boosting a business’ energy-efficiency rating and saving money on electricity bills. Second, EIFS is more flexible than traditional stucco, meaning that it suffers fewer cracks and requires less maintenance. Meanwhile, it does not yellow/fade in the same way as traditional stucco either.

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Commercial Stucco and Plaster Repair Service

EIFS tends to have a longer lifespan than traditional stucco. However, as with any exterior siding, there will come a time when it needs running repairs. When an EIFS gets chipped or develops cracks, water and moisture can accumulate within the wall cavity. If nothing is done to prevent this, it could lead to more serious problems down the line.

When damage is detected, the best course of action is to seek the services of a professional commercial stucco and plaster repair service.
At Las Vegas Stucco Solutions, we offer a range of long-term solutions to EIFS damage. Our specialists will quickly identify any leaks, assess the damage and repair cracks, chips and water damage skillfully at a reasonable cost.

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“We recently contacted Las Vegas Stucco Solutions for help with our newly acquired commercial property. We basically needed to gut everything and redo the entire exterior. We were very pleased with the LVSS team, their communication, and professionalism. The crew showed us exactly the process of installing stucco to our building and worked diligently. The project was completed on-time which was super important, as we needed to open our cafe on a fast-tracked timeline. Overall, we were very happy with how everything turned out! The style feels very Southwestern, but modern. Couldn’t be any more pleased!”

James Santo

LBC Cafe

Results You Can Trust

At Las Vegas Stucco Solutions, we are proud of our first-rate reputation for quality commercial stucco repairs and plastering services. Our knowledgeable specialists have many years of experience in the trade and a record for customer satisfaction that puts us up there with the very best in the business. Having worked with hundreds of locally-owned Las Vegas businesses, we’re able to offer the highest quality and streamlined commercial stucco services in the valley!

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Professional & Open Communication

We know the importance of professional communication. Our specialists and customer service operatives are specially trained to be as clear and transparent as possible. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to informing our customers about procedures, timetables and costs involved in a project.

Thousands of Jobs Completed

Having operated for many years in the Las Vegas Valley Area, we have completed thousands of jobs of every type. We specialize in commercial stucco projects of all sizes and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that ensures that we always achieve the best possible results.


Fully Licenses & Insured

At Las Vegas Stucco Solutions, we take care to cover all bases. Our company and specialists are all fully licensed with the relevant Nevada state authorities. We are also insured against any eventuality so that our clients are comprehensively covered in the unlikely event of mishaps or accidents.


Quick Turnaround

We know how important hitting deadlines is in the world of business. That is why our friendly and helpful contractors are trained to get each job done with a minimum of fuss in the shortest time possible. We aim to be in and out with the project completed long before the time agreed with the client at the outset.

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